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There is a popular misconception out there that BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day, it is not and I’ll tell you that for free.

brunchandstuff.com Beetroot dip on sourdough with poached eggs, coriander and black sesame.

Admittedly, breakfast is a good one I mean who doesn’t like a good oat granola and OJ combo, a fresh bloomer BLT or the full blown, full calorie, full English? No one, that’s who. Then there is dinner, yes I like that, big sharing dishes, fun for all the family but by no means the most important. Lunch you are also great with your sandwiches and salads, BUT we are all forgetting one very important thing…BRUNCH PEOPLE.

brunchandstuff.com Hazelnut bread.

 Brunch loves everything and everyone; there is segregation where Brunch is involved, none of this ‘you can’t have a curry for breakfast’ nonsense. You can literally have anything you want, whenever you want and it’s still acceptable. Cocktails at the crack of dawn, eggs early evening or just a bucket full of bacon its fine, its brunch! I’m big enough to admit that sometimes, the morning after the night before, all I really want is a cheeky vodka. Absolutely acceptable, brunch won’t judge you, splash in some tomato and spice and it’s a Bloody Mary. Thank you Brunch, you always have my back.

Brunchandstuff.com Recipe for Avocado smash

Just as Leo has been cheated out of so very many Oscar’s, Brunch been cheated out of its rightful title. Babes who Brunch, bread, bacon, bagels, baps and occasionally booze, this blog is a little, light hearted look  and some fabulous recipes for the (rightful) most important meal of the day. Give Brunch some lovin’ people.

brunchandstuff.com coffee

‘Why is it we that don’t make more of a meal out of breakfast? When was the last time you invited your mates round for a spot of Sunday brunch instead of lunch? Brunch is great fun and there are so many fantastic and fun dishes that you can cook up from around the world.’ (The Independent, 2012)


Happy Reading Brunchers!


4 thoughts on “About Brunch & Stuff

  1. Brunch is definitely my favorite meal as well. For Christmas we ALWAYS start the day with brunch after opening presents. We’ve managed to have brunch every weekend for about a month now so I’ve got my boys loving brunch as much as I do. How could a meal with something sweet, something savory and a champagne or other cocktail not be good?!


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